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Saddle Fitting

In Herefordshire and surrounding counties

Expert Saddle fitting with Michael Burleigh 

Master Saddler & Qualified Saddle Fitter

Michael Burleigh is a leading saddle fitter, working across Herefordshire and surrounding counties. Michael qualified as a Society of Master Saddler’s Registered Saddle Fitter 18 years ago. He is the sole Master Saddler to hold this prestigious qualification in Herefordshire and is one of seventy nationally.

With his many years of hands on experience, backed up by recognised qualifications, Michael is able to offer a unique service and depth of knowledge.

The advice of a professional, qualified and experienced saddle-fitter can support and promote:

Trustworthy Behaviour 

The fit of your saddle can be vitally important for the bonding between horse and rider. Not only will it relieve pressure on pinch spots, but will also allow you to communicate better meaning that you can work together. We believe that trust is vitally important when teaming up with your horse and that trustworthy behaviour can be learned through good horsemanship. 

Avoidance of Medical or Anatomical Complaints 

Thousands of horses across the world are working under unwarrented pressure from their saddle. This can lead to a multitude of issues, including altering your horse’s health and wellbeing. Also, not all horses are made the same, their anatomy is as individual as our own. Life, experience, health and other factors can also play their part. A well-fitting saddle can help relieve current problems and prevent future ones. 

Comfort and enjoyment for both horse and rider 

We all know what it feels like when you gallop across open land. Horse and rider as one, it’s a thrill! A properly fitted saddle can help you enjoy every moment on your horse. It will give you the comfort to enjoy longer rides, new challenges or simply encourage to ride more. Saddles are meant to be comfortable, they help hold you in position and allow you to communicate with your horse more. Don’t settle for an uncomfortable seat. 

Control and genuine guidance 

Riding is dangerous. We pair up with mighty animals, who are heavy and often unpredictable. Being able to share our thoughts with them is the key to great horsemanship. If you watch a cross-country competition at the highest level you will see how important it is that the horse and rider are able to act as a team. A well-fitting saddle will enable you to provide better guidance and control when navigating unexpected or tricky situations.

Contact Michael today to arrange a consultation. It is always best to start the conversation via phone so that we can work out what is best for you and your horse before arranging a visit.

The Process

Phone Consultation

In our initial chat on the phone we like to find out why you called. We’ll ask what the triggers are that got you to call, it may be behaviour, physiological or just that you know it’s a good idea to get your saddle checked. If we can help further we will arrange a time to visit you. 

In Person Consultation 

Michael has been described as true horseman. He will work with your horse, developing an understanding of his anatomy and any pinch spots. He will ask about your horse’s behaviour and performance under saddle. Michael will take a closer look at your current saddle and study how it fits on your horse. It may be a good fit, but if there are improvements Michael will take you through step by step. It could be reflocking, alterations or supportive saddle pads or could call for a different saddle. 

Michael will work with you to find the best solution based on your budget and the needs of the horse.

No Pressure 

We are in the business of horses. We trade on our professional and qualified advice. We want you to be entirely happy with your well-fitting saddle and enjoy the benefits it will bring. We focus on retaining our customers and pride ourselves on working with some families and businesses for generations.

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